Market Analysis

market_pic01Beginning with the premise that a significant reason for inner-city disinvestment is the economic market failure of the lack of good market information, Social Compact offers neighborhood market analysis services to local governments, community organizations and businesses looking to attract investment or to invest in inner-cities.

Working closely with community and corporate leaders over the past decade and a half, Social Compact has pioneered an understanding of inner-city markets and created accurate, business-oriented profiles of these neighborhood markets through its Neighborhood Market DrillDown.  Drawing on business disciplines and community strengths, these profiles have a strong track record of catalyzing sustainable, private investment which benefits communities and businesses alike.  The result: safer, healthier neighborhoods in which to live and do business.

market_pic02The Neighborhood Market DrillDown is a pioneering market analysis model built on innovative sources of dependable, business-oriented data that reveal the hidden strengths of traditionally undervalued communities. The DrillDown profile challenges the negative stereotypes that have historically defined inner-city neighborhoods. Poverty and deficiency data are replaced with business indicators of market strength. Outdated census and modeled data is enhanced with current economic and demographic information. Some of the best private market analysis models — designed for the suburban market — are adapted to respond to the unique characteristics of the inner city in order to capture hidden populations, economies and micro-market opportunities that exist below the radar of traditional market information sources.

market_pic03Social Compact works in partnership with local governments, community organizations, foundations and the business community to provide neighborhood-level market analyses.  Please contact Social Compact to find out how you can bring our expertise to your neighborhood of interest.